Default configuration

By default Spree is mounted at the root of your domain, this code will be inserted into config/routes.rb:

mount Spree::Core::Engine, at: '/'

This means that Spree will be available at the root of your domain, for example http://localhost:3000.

Customizing the mount point

You can customize this simply by changing the :at specification in config/routes.rb to be something else. For example, if you would like Spree to be mounted at /shop, you can write this:

mount Spree::Core::Engine, at: `/shop`

The different parts of Spree (API, Admin) will be mounted there as well, eg. http://localhost:3000/shop/products.

Customizing admin panel path

Remember to have the spree_backend installed.

By default, Spree Admin is mounted at /admin and is accessible at http://localhost:3000/admin.

You can change the path of the admin panel by setting the admin_path option in your config/initializers/spree.rb file, eg.

Spree.admin_path = '/dashboard'

This will change the path of the Spree Admin to http://localhost:3000/dashboard.