The Spree::Store model is the center of the Spree ecosystem. Each Spree installation can have multiple Stores. Each Store operates on a different domain or subdomain, eg.

  • Store A, us.example.com
  • Store B, eu.example.com
  • Store C, another-brand.com

Spree multi-store setup

Store attributes

AttributeDescriptionExample Value
nameThe name of the store, typically displayed in the browser title bar and throughout the site.Spree Demo Site
urlThe URL or domain associated with the store.shop.example.com
meta_descriptionA brief description of the store for SEO purposes.An exclusive selection of high-quality products.
meta_keywordsRelevant keywords associated with the store for SEO.fashion, electronics, books
seo_titleA custom SEO title for the store.Shop the Best Deals Online - Spree Store
mail_from_addressThe email address used for sending emails from the store.noreply@example.com
default_currencyThe default currency for prices within the store.USD
codeA unique code to identify the store.spree-001
defaultIndicates if the store is the default store.true
supported_currenciesA list of currencies supported by the store, separated by commas.USD, EUR, GBP
supported_localesA list of locales supported by the store, separated by commas.en, fr, de
customer_support_emailThe email address for customer support inquiries.support@example.com
facebookThe store’s Facebook page URL.spree
twitterThe store’s Twitter handle.@spreecommerce
instagramThe store’s Instagram profile URL.https://www.instagram.com/spree
default_localeThe default locale/language for the store.en
descriptionA detailed description of the store.Your one-stop shop for everything you need.
addressThe physical address of the store.123 Example St, San Francisco, CA
contact_phoneThe contact phone number for the store.+1 234-567-8900
new_order_notifications_emailThe email address to send notifications of new orders.orders@example.com

Current Store

Spree will try to determine the current store based on the current URL. If the URL does not match any of the stores in the database, Spree will fall back to the default store.

All Spree controllers or any other controllers that include Spree::Core::ControllerHelpers::Store have access to the current_store method which returns the Store matching the current URL.

All parts of Spree (API v1, API v2, Storefront, Admin Panel) have this implemented. This method is also available in views and JSON serializers.

Under the hood current_store calls Spree::Stores::FindCurrent.new(url: url).execute.

This logic can be easily overwritten by setting

Spree::Dependencies.current_store_finder = 'MyStoreFinderClass'

in config/initializers/spree.rb file

Default Store

If the system cannot find any Store that matches the current URL it will fall back to the Default Store.

You can set the default Store in Admin Panel -> Configurations -> Store or via Rails console:

Spree::Store.find(2).update(default: true)

To get the default store in your code or rails console type:


Localization and Currency

Each Store can have multiple locales and currencies. This configuration is stored in Store model attributes:

default_currencyThis is the default currency that will be pre-selected when visiting the store the first time.USD
supported_currenciesIf there is more than one supported currency, visitors will be able to choose which currency they browse in.USD, CAD, EUR
default_localeThis is the default locale/language which will be pre-selected when visiting the store the first time.en
supported_localesIf there is more than one supported locale, visitors can choose which locale they browse in. Locales are available upon installing Spree I18n.en, fr, de


As of version 4.6, the Store resource allows for translating many of its fields. Translations are enabled when selecting more than one locale in supported_locales. The following fields are translatable:

  • name
  • meta_description
  • meta_keywords
  • seo_title
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • customer_support_email
  • description
  • address
  • contact_phone
  • new_order_notifications_email

Read more about how resource translations work in Internationalization.

Checkout configuration

Each Store can be configured to ship to only selected countries. This is achieved via the checkout_zone_id attribute which holds the ID of the selected Zone record.

Available Shipping Methods on the Checkout are determined based on the Zone and Shipping Methods configuration.

This will also have an effect on what Shipping / Billing Addresses user can add/ select during Checkout. Only Addresses from Countries or States available in the selected Zone can be used and will be visible in the User’s Address Book.

Store resources

Each Store can have its own resources. For example, a Store can have its own Products, Taxonomies, Promotions, etc.

OrderOne Order belongs to one Store
ProductOne Product can be associated with many Store(s), you can pick and choose in which Store(s) each Product will be available
Payment MethodOne Payment Method can be associated with many Store(s), you can select in which Stores given Payment Method will be available on Checkout
TaxonomyOne Taxonomy belongs to one Store
PromotionOne Promotion can be associated with multiple Stores
Store CreditOne Store Credit belongs to and can be used in one Store