Platform API is meant to be used by external applications to perform operations within Spree. Because of that, it uses a different authentication schema than the Storefront API.

Creating an application inside Spree

To generate a valid token for the Platform API, you’ll first need to create an application inside Spree.

  1. Go to Spree’s admin panel and open Apps -> oAuth Applications in the menu

  2. Click on New oAuth Application

  3. Give your application a name and click Create

  4. Save your Client ID and Secret - you’ll later use it to generate a OAuth token to access the platform API

Generating OAuth token

Once the application is configured inside Spree, you can use its credentials to generate an OAuth token that will give you access to the APIs.

To obtain the token, send the following POST request to /spree_oauth/token

  "grant_type": "client_credentials",
  "client_id": "xxx",
  "client_secret": "xxx",
  "scope": "admin"

In the response, you’ll receive a token to pass in Authorization: Bearer {token} header when making requests to the Platform API.